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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

In light of the changes to data privacy laws in the EU, we are writing to you to explain what information we hold about our pupils, why we have it and how we use it.?

We hold some, or all of, the following information about our pupils:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Driving licence number

We retain this information because you or a relative have previously engaged with us or are currently undergoing training with our Company, and you have provided us with your information for this purpose.  This information is used, in good faith and in accordance with your wishes, to contact you about your lessons and to inform you about changes that we feel are relevant to your training.

All data is stored electronically on password protected devices and written information is stored in lockable metal containers when not in use.

We do not supply data to a third party except where authorised to do so by confirming interest in those services. For example (but not limited to) any driving related products of services that you may benefit from.

We do not retain any payment information that you may have provided.?

If you are no longer training with us and do not wish to receive any further communications from us, or if you have any questions or concerns please reply to the email below and we’ll remove your personal data from our system.  If we do not hear from you we will delete any data 6 months after qualifying or our last communication; whichever comes soonest.