Are you Driven 2 Pass?

Frequently Asked Questions

Often people have questions when deciding which driving school to use.  We hope to have covered as many of these off as possible below, however if you still have further questions just give us a call.

How many lessons will I need before putting in for my test?

There’s no minimum number of lessons you must have or hours you must practice driving. How many lessons you need will depend on how quickly you learn. Here at Driven we work with each individual to get them to test as soon as they are ready.

If I cancel a lesson what notice do I need to give to avoid incurring any cost?

Driven have a 48 hours cancellation policy. If you do not give 48 hours notice when cancelling a lesson for any reason, you may be charged the full lesson price.

Where will I take my test?

Where you take your test will depend on your location. If there are several test centres near you, you can decide which one to use. Your instructor will be happy to discuss this with you.

What area/towns do we spend lessons in?

You will generally start off in your local area and then move to other locations depending upon the lesson topic.

How much (if any?) extra driving with a parent/friend would you suggest to help with my progression?

We thoroughly recommend private practice as it develops independent skills and capitalises on what you have learnt in your lessons. Any amount is good, the more the better – be careful not to pick up too many bad habits though!

How many lessons should I have a week?

We recommend at least one 90 minute lesson each week.  We offer 1 hour or 2 hour lessons but we find that 90 minutes provides enough time to get to and from the test centre area and have meaningful practice on the given subject.

What is your pass rate?

Depends on which day you ask us! Seriously though we don’t hold much store by pass rates as we work with all pupils to ensure they feel ready. There is no way to guarantee a pass, but having said that we do have a lot of first time passes – check out our facebook page.

Do Driven recommend/book intensive courses?

It is possible to undertake a semi-intensive course with Driven (with enough advance notice) however, we find that spreading your lessons over a greater period of time is more beneficial so you can experience a variety of road, weather and traffic conditions.

What else can I do to increase my chances of passing first time?

Lots of practice and even when you are a passenger, by paying attention to the road and putting it into context of your lessons will help. Why not buy a stick-on rear view mirror to use for when you’re in the passenger seat? Play ‘spot the sign’ game and of course download Theory and Hazard Perception apps and make use of other online resources. Make sure YOU feel ready to drive on your own before you apply for your practical test.

What if I wish to cancel my lessons for any reason once I have paid upfront?

We will refund you any hours not taken subject to our cancellation policy.

How can I book my lessons?

You can phone us on 01844 391 397 or send us an enquiry via the contact page.

How do we pay for lessons?

We accept cheque, cash or bank transfer. You can pay as you go or we offer every pupil a 10% discount for a block payment. This means if you pay £324 for 9 hours in advance you will receive 10 hours of tuition: a saving of £36.