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Instructor Training

Training to become a driving instructor is hard work and takes commitment, motivation and time. Here at Driven, we understand this and with ORDIT qualified trainers with many years of experience ready to deliver comprehensive training for Parts 1, 2 and 3, we are in the best position to help you reach your full potential as a driving instructor. We provide a bespoke training programme set out in an easy to follow format which your ORDIT coach will tailor to your learning style. You will be assigned your own ORDIT trainer who will arrange to meet you at a convenient location for one-to-one in-car training sessions.

Your training experience is important to us. We will guide you through from start to finish and should you then choose to continue on a franchise with us, we will continue to support you beyond.

And because we are a small company you will instantly become a valued member of our amazing team, providing you with a network of instructors who are always at hand to help.

There are several training options available depending on your individual needs. Why not give us a call 07886 361787 to chat about your options?

  • Interest free training fees; pay upfront or spread the cost over the first three months
  • One to one training with an ORDIT qualified coach
  • Online and in-car training sessions
  • Ongoing training & support from the whole team
  • Part-time and full-time franchise packages

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I wanted to be a driving instructor long before I joined Driven, but it wasn’t until a chance meeting with Jane in 2015 that I finally got the ball rolling. I have been with Driven ever since and Emily and Jane have guided and coached me through the learning process, passing all 3 exams first time and continuing to support me at every turn. They have passed on their knowledge and experience. I have learnt a lot and I am still learning and will never stop learning. Thank you ladies, I have joined an incredible team.


When I learned to drive, I really hated everything about it, but after joining a local Advanced driving group found, through having an amazing instructor, that learning to drive does not have to be as harrowing as my own experience. I reached Gold Standard in my advanced driving test and that was a massive u-turn. It made me realise that teaching people to drive was the career for me. I knew I didn’t want to join a national driving school or go on this journey alone. I came across Driven and saw they were local and got in touch. I had an initial meeting with Emily and Jane (who are just amazing), which I left feeling on cloud 9 – and couldn’t wait to get started! Emily and Jane are there to help me with my ongoing training at every step of the way and with their support I passed all 3 of the ADI tests first time.


Hi I’m Aliston and I’m based in Swindon. I decided I wanted to become a driving instructor several years ago and started my training with an independent ADI. Unfortunately my training was cut short when I suffered an injury which took a year to recover from. Once I was fit and well I decided to redo my Part 3 training with Driven who were recommended to me by a friend. I definitely made the right decision as I am now a fully qualified ADI. Jane and Emily trained and supported me through the Part 3 process. They are calm, patient and professional. They helped me grow and succeed in ways that I never thought possible. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn with them. I now continue to thrive and succeed as part of the Driven team.


As an ex frontline police officer, I spent many years working with local primary schools educating young children on how to stay safe as pedestrians. Now I look forward to the opportunity to teach people the skills they require to be responsible drivers whose priority is to stay safe.

I chose Driven to help me succeed in my new venture because they share the same high values towards safety and understand that everyone has different strengths when it comes to driving. I’m married to Richard, also a retired police officer, and we have two teenagers who will soon want to be safe drivers too.